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The History of the Farmall Tractor

International Harvester manufactured the first Farmall tractors. First Farmall was a model name but later on it became a brand name for tractors. It was the first tractor used for general purpose that had two front wheels with narrow spacing. Farmall performed all possible duties which a farmer could do using horses. The combination of good ground clearance along with tricycle front wheels made accurate field cultivation and nimble maneuvering possible. Farmall tractors replaced horses in the fields, thereby mechanizing them.

Other manufacturers also introduced similar kind of tractors which could be used for general purpose due to the success of Farmall. These general purpose tractors are generally called ‘row crop’ tractors.

The foremost row crop tractor was manufactured by International Harvester and was named as Farmall. Development of row crop tractor started in the beginning of 1920s and a prototype of design of new tractor was launched in 1923. The Farmall was first introduced in Texas to decrease the scope of embarrassment in case of design failure because the IH management thought that new ‘tricycle’ kind of design could turn off potential customers. But it was successful so in 1926, the company started big scale production of these general purpose tractors at Farmall Works plant situated in rock island. Illinois.

In 1932, an updated version of Farmall tractor with a powerful engine was introduced by IH. This new tractor was named F-20. It replaced the old Farmall and this resulted in it being known as Regular (retronym) later. International Harvester Company later introduced new tractors which came under the F-series. The new tractors were the F-30 introduced in 1931, F-12 in 1932 and F-14 in 1938. The Farmall tractors came in one and only color which was battleship gray till 1937, but later on the color of the tractor was changed to ‘Farmall Red’.

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